#258 Ajimal – Nothing Touches Me

Taken from Ajimals upcoming debut record ‘Childhood’ first single Nothing Touches Me is due to be released on December 1st 2014

October 20, 2014 under Blog

#257 Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were(Live)

Performing the title track from his forthcoming album “I Forget Where We Were”, Ben Howard wowed on Jools Holland with this personal and intimate live rendition. Full of brooding guitar and stunning vocals I Forget Where We Were is part of Howard’s highly anticipated album which is due for release on October 20th.

October 8, 2014 under Blog

#256 Febueder – Owing

We love Febueders new single Owing; it’s from their forthcoming EP Lilac Lane, which is out October 13th. Experimental and eccentric, Febueder are a band who produce interesting unique music.

They’re playing a free show at The Shackewell arms and you can grab an e-ticket here

October 3, 2014 under Blog

#255 Palace – Bitter

Palace have released the incredibly striking music video for their second single Bitter.
Reminiscent of the story of Adam & Eve, the video and the song explore the themes of obsession and desire. Filled with warm guitars, bluesy riffs and beautiful vocals, Bitter is song that is expressive and resonant.

September 30, 2014 under Blog

#254 Annie Eve – Ropes

We love this beautifully backwards video for Annie Eves’ forthcoming single “Ropes” from her debut album Sunday 91′.Hushed and intense Ropes is a hypnotic song with a perfectly matched video.

September 29, 2014 under Blog

#253 Jack Garratt – Remnants (Live)

A man on the rise, this live video of Jack Garratts’ Remnants displays his immense talent and interesting sound quite unlike anybody else. A smooth mix of genres, Jacks’ soulful voice , bluesy melodies and well placed drops make this song totally unique.
He’s headlining Cargo, December 4th. Tickets available HERE

September 26, 2014 under Blog

#252 Little May – Dust

Pulled from their upcoming self-titled EP, the video for Sydney based indie folk band Little May’s Dust is full of beautiful harmonies intertwined with thoughtful lyrics.

Exploring the process of grieving for a lost pet, the emotive video is easily relatable and takes you into that feeling you get when you miss something you really loved.

September 19, 2014 under Blog

#251 The Walking Who – With Roses

Sydney based band ‘The Walking Who’ have released a video for their latest release ‘With Roses’ and isn’t it just lovely! The song itself sounds like a sweet fusion of folk, psychedelia and surf influences decorated with ‘reverb, muffled drum kicks, closed eyes and nodding heads’. To match this the video, produced by American born-Australian based artist L.A.Early, is made up of a series of vintage book and magazine cut outs that seamlessly come together to form an incredible but slightly mind-messing piece of work.

September 16, 2014 under Blog

#250 Osca – Illume

Watch one of our new favourites Osca play an acoustic version of their euphoric track ‘Illume’. Osca manages to capture an anthemic simplicity that wouldn’t feel out of place under the umbrella of stadium rock/pop, whilst keeping a sense of integrity through song writing that sounds very mature for their young years.


September 15, 2014 under Blog

#249 Rubblebucket – Carousel Ride

Check out the video for Rubblebucket’s song ‘Carousel Ride’. It’s got everything – big hooks, thumping drums, warped scratching and a bold horn section all underneath Kalmia Traver’s sensitive vocals. It’s also an interesting insight in to the mundane workings of a chocolate factory. Tasty.

August 11, 2014 under Blog