Mon, 14 June 2021

Memorial + Latchkey live

Communion Records

If folk music is all about telling colourful, relatable stories of people, and those relatable stories are defined generationally, then Memorial are following the linear line through. But Memorial also have an innate quality of timelessness, often defying rather than defined by the era they live in. Irrespective of all that, their songs are bloody lovely and they also happen to be superb live. If you haven’t had a chance to get down to one of their shows yet, then take a peep at the live performance they’ve done of their single ‘Latchkey’, surrounded by enough foliage to make you feel firmly ensconced in the depths of the rainforest.

Talking about ‘Latchkey’, the boys said: “ We wanted Latchkey to be really conversational. When we were writing it, the first verse seemed to come out of nowhere, like we were just talking to each other and eventually the meaning in the song came from that. We focused on that feeling of a conversation in a relationship where you know something is about to go wrong or you’re entering into hard times, but you’re just trying to keep it light, keep it all together, small plasters on big wounds. To us it really feels like a whole car journey to an airport.”