Mon, 14 June 2021

Folly Group release their debut EP ‘Awake And Hungry’

So Young Records

Tired of the boundaries being a ‘band’ can sometimes self-impose, whether it’s a particular image or creative method to maintain, London’s Folly Group like to steer closer to the looseness of a ‘collective’. This distinction, while seemingly semantic, urges the group to keep combating the feeling of stasis and uphold an open door policy to any sound, visual or collaboration and it’s this feeling of energy and versatility that is at the core of the band’s debut EP. ‘Awake And Hungry’ is an adventurous, boundary-free introduction to the collective’s creative vision with lead single ‘Four Wheel Drive’ showcasing the group’s adaptability, veering from anxious freneticism to primal danceability at the flick of a switch. ‘Butt No Rifle’ and ‘Fewer Close Friends’ are bold and unapologetic, calculated chaos that serves as a reminder that this bunch know exactly what they’re doing, while the EP’s title track has you hanging on frontman Sean Harper’s every word.