Thu, 25 November 2021

Dan Croll releases piano version of ‘Home’

Communion Records

It’s edging closer toward a time when many of us are thinking about heading home for the c-word (no, not that one), and Dan Croll has now got the most magical new soundtrack to that journey.

He’s stripped back his absolute classic ‘Home’ taken from his debut 2014 record ‘Sweet Disarray’ into a beautiful piano led piece.

Talking about this new version Dan said this “due to COVID and Visa travel restrictions I’ve been unable to leave the US, and for the first time in my life felt true homesickness. The height of this homesickness was when I lost my Nan back in February, and having to watch a live-streamed funeral from the other side of the world is something I never want to experience again. But it was only when I was going back through photos and memories of her that I came across the footage of her in the “Home” music video, and remembered how much I’ve always wanted to record a piano version of it”. Listen here.