Fri, 23 July 2021

Dan Croll launches his Reluctant Runners Club alongside a new EP

Communion Records

Following the release of his critically acclaimed third album, ‘Grand Plan’, Dan Croll is back to pick up where left off with his latest EP, ‘On Top’. 

Much like his idea for ‘Grand Plan’, ‘On Top’ sees him continue the narrative of navigating his new life in the US. Acting almost as an epilogue for the new album, this EP begins where the full length left off, charting his time in a new and unknown land during one of the most turbulent years in recent history.

Alongside making sweet, sweet tunes, Dan has launched his ‘Reluctant Runners Club’, which aims to be a space where Dan and his fans can encourage each other, track their progress and share music new music while getting that old heart muscle pumping. Essentially, it’s a running club for those who don’t want to run, but feel they probably should.