Rukhsana Merrise

Born and raised in West London, Rukhsana’s is a product of the contemporary cultural and musical melting pot provided by her surroundings, as well as being informed by US influences ranging from Kanye and Frank Ocean, to Haim and John Mayer. But her parents’ record collection also left it’s mark: “I grew up listening to Fleetwood Mac, 10cc, Karen Carpenter, Joni Mitchell… Joni’s when I found out that you can write about anything.”

In September 2014 she set herself the task of writing, recording and releasing a song every week of the month, and the resulting Soundcloud-only EP was called “September Songs”. It caught a lot of people’s ears, including Communion’s. 

The September Songs EP had it’s official release in autumn 2015 on Communion Records, and is being followed by her brilliant new single ‘Money’.