Pêtr Aleksänder

Eliot James and Tom Hobden met in 2007, while working together on Noah and the Whale’s debut album “Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down”.

After time spent touring and recording in their respective fields, they collaborated in 2016, composing an ambitious orchestral album called ROAM, which was recorded in Budapest with the Hungarian Film Orchestra and released on London label Village Green. Their band Pêtr Aleksänder was born in a desire to create a more considered sound, controlled in it’s execution, by way of purposefully limiting the instruments at their disposal to piano and strings, but never at the expense of the raw, emotional impact that a simple yet incisive sound can deliver.

Early recordings such as Sans Souci quickly caught the attention of streaming services, the wider public and in turn, renowned indie label Nettwerk, who offered the band a record deal which was signed in December 2017.

Listen to their album, ‘Closer, Still’ here.