Peace are Harry Koisser, Sam Koisser, Doug Castle and Dom Boyce. 

The band has its roots in Birmingham as what frontman Harry Koisser describes as “a tatty house party band” but in the years since they formed things have drastically changed. They have since self-released their first two singles and then in 2012 they were signed to Columbia Records. What followed was two incredible albums, ‘Happy People’ and ‘In Love’ both of which placed in the UK album charts and received rave reviews from music press.

After an impressive touring run of their sophomore album the band tucked themselves away in a rural farmhouse to begin work on their 3rd album. Released in May 2018 ‘Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll’ recorded in Woodstock with producer Simone Felice - is the product of a transformative path for the band. Speaking of Peace’s future Harry said “We want to be bigger and shinier than ever.”

Listen here.