Dan Croll

Since the release in early 2014 of his critically-lauded debut album, Sweet Disarray, Dan Croll has purposely proved impossible to pin down. A sonic explorer, he doesn’t so much sidestep genres as conquer several at the same time. Citing artists from The Beatles to De La Soul to James Taylor in his work.

His first ever release was through Communion as part of our New Faces compilation back in 2012, and in June 2016 Dan announced he would be returning to Communion Records to release his forthcoming second album. Said sophomore album, due in 2017, is produced by Ben Allen and was recorded in Atlanta. “I chose Ben because I loved how he bounced around genres – from Deerhunter and Animal Collective, to Cee-Lo Green and Kelis” Dan says. “My aim is to approach pop from an unusual angle.”

Dan’s second album Emerging Adulthood is out now. It’s an amazing body of visceral, intelligent pop music and is available to buy, stream and dance to immediately.