Mon, 14 June 2021

Samantha Crain comes to the UK and plays The Social

Communion Presents

Last year, Samantha released the beguiling but bruised ‘A Small Death’ to much critical acclaim, earning it a spot in NPR’s albums of the year list. Behind it was a story of overcoming adversity and ill-health and has helped to secure Sam’s status as a once in a generation artist - an extraordinary story-teller with an ear for melody and a heart beating with soul.

Then came the release of her ‘Bloomsday’ EP earlier this year - a compact body of work by an artist who just feels lucky to be putting out work and given the opportunity to be prolific where in the not so distant past it felt a pipedream and whose title track took the 6music A-list by storm.

Now, the inimitable Samantha Crain is heading out into the wild west of live music as she ventures over to the UK to headline The Social in September in what promises to be - as everything that Sam does is - an incredibly special occasion.