8th June 2018

Maggie Rogers - Fallingwater

Although perusing music videos of the early noughties was a wonderful time for MTV-watching teens (praise be to JT circa 2001), now they have become more short-form cinematic experiences, and we thank the universe for that.

So it’s no surprise that Maggie Rogers has delivered a beautiful visual for her enigmatic and anthemic track ‘fallingwater’, of which she says: “this video gave me the space to tell you everything I couldn’t say out loud,” Primary colours stand out amongst expansive desert skies as Maggie gives a captivating performance through striking movements and balletic flow. It’s well worth a watch.

And if, like us, you can’t get enough of all things Maggie, she’s added an extra date in London on 30th August at KOKO. You’re going to want to come to this - maybe even twice.