22nd May 2020

Lucy Rose - Question It All / White Car

While most of us are still dabbing our eyes in the aftermath of Lucy Rose’s outstanding fourth album ‘No Words Left’, Lucy has used her lockdown period to revisit two songs that she wrote at the end of last year: ‘Question It All’ and ‘White Car’.

Although originally planned to come out around the time of her headline show at the Barbican in December, Lucy felt there was something missing from the tracks, but upon re-examining them over lockdown has connected with them in a whole new way.

‘Question It All’ comes alongside a video that shares snapshots of Lucy’s fans getting through these strange times in all their different ways: fitness regimes, cooking, instruments and a fine selection of cats! The footage is interspersed with Lucy drumming; as she does on the track itself.

You can watch the video here, and listen to both tracks here.