Lucy Rose

The return of Lucy Rose brought with it a fascinating story of self-discovery, adventure, and determination.

Without the assistance of management or an agent, Lucy set to booking herself a tour of Latin America with an overwhelming desire to completely break down any barrier between artist and fan. It’s a powerful connection that has stood her incredibly well, and remains one of the primary reasons why she does what she does. Writing songs both from, and straight to the heart.

With a backpack, acoustic guitar and video-camera, Lucy zig-zagged through cities, sleeping on fans’ floors and sofas. The adventure was documented and found a release alongside the album’s release of the same title. The album ‘Something’s Changing’, including the singles ‘Second Chance’, ‘Floral Dresses’, ‘No Good At All’, ‘Strangest of Ways’ is out now and the documentary is available to watch on VEVO.