Foreign Fields

Foreign Fields has returned home.

Almost a full ten years after the release of their critically acclaimed debut album, “Anywhere But Where I Am”, Eric and Brian have reversed their once impulsive move to Nashville, TN and returned to the quiet stillness of the snows of winter in Wisconsin.

After a series of solo efforts (Holl with his solo recording project, Boy Bjorn and Hillman the soundtrack for A44’s debut game, Ashen) they knew it was time to return to reflect on how far they had come and all they had learned along the way.

Mirroring their first efforts as a band, recording in a heatless old office building in the middle of winter, the duo traveled out into the Wisconsin wilderness to write and record at a small remote cabin blanketed with a layer of snow. This space brought them and their music to its purest and most direct form. The lyrics laid bare and open. The instrumentation and arrangements simple.

This album is Foreign Fields finding themselves most at peace, with their relationship, with their lives, with themselves. You can listen to it here.