NYC Communion December 2012 – Hurricane Sandy Holiday Benefit Concert

New York Communion December 2012 Gig PosterAnother great line up for Communion New York is confirmed for Thursday, December 6th at Union Hall! Taking the stage are Swear and Shake, Zane Carney, Matthew Ryan, Micah, and Last Good Tooth. We are so excited for this last show of 2012!!

This will also be a Hurricane Sandy charity show. A portion of the proceeds go to Sandy relief.

Swear and Shake
In a city that offers endless new sounds, New York-based band Swear & Shake’s loyal fan base and earnest talent have driven them on tours across the US and into the focal point of fawning critics. The band’s star seems to be continually on the rise, as they play premiere Manhattan and Brooklyn venues and release their fully-Kickstarter-funded LP, Maple Ridge, only a year after their formation. Swear & Shake is Kari Spieler (vocals, lyrics, guitar), Adam McHeffey (vocals, lyrics, guitar, banjo, piano), Shaun Savage (electric bass), and Tom Elefante (percussion). The band formed in 2010 after Kari helped Adam record a demo one of his original songs, “Johnnie.” From that moment, they knew they were on to something good. Adam recruited longtime friends Shaun and Tom to flesh out the sounds behind Kari’s soulful, smoky voice and Adam’s catchy folk strumming.

Micah is an up and coming singer-songwriter originally from Rochester, NY. Micah has two albums in his discography, his debut self titled ‘Micah EP’, and the second, a full length album titled ‘Coast To Coast’; released early July 2010 and available on iTunes. Micah just recently completed his first headlining tour ‘The Hearts on Fire Singer-Songwriter Tour’ and wants to build momentum and continue touring extensively. This new buzz artist is one not to be missed.

Matthew Ryan
Album just released November 1st In The Dusk of Everything. Here is what Split Lip Magazine said: “In the Dusk of Everything is a collection of vignettes revolving around choices made by a man and woman together or as individuals, and their choices are the things that cause conflict. Ryan’s “She’s a Sparrow” is a good example of the record’s extended theme. The tune is about a man and how his inner conflicts bring wreckage to a relationship.”

Zane Carney
Incredible guitarist Zane Carney plays lead guitar in a band with his brother called CARNEY, at Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark on Broadway and in the House Band for CW’s New Game Show “Oh Sit!” Aside from his distinguished gigs as a guitarist, Zane also has a vision as a solo artist he is very excited to begin.

Last Good Tooth
“Last Good Tooth” is Penn Sultan(Guitars), Kevin Sullivan(Bass), Arthur, Kapp(Drums), and Alex Spoto(Fiddles). Penn and Kevin met in Providence, RI at the Rhode Island School of design where they pretended to like art for a while so that they could play music for real. Then they met Spoto fiddlin’ around Brown. He’s some sort of genius but no one understands when he explains what he studied there. Now: the perfect band mates- a love and happiness in the union along with Arthur, old-time-high-school-drummer-buddy-friend. They’re driving around with the drums but parking the car will always be their biggest obstacle. Still mainly in providence Last Good Tooth is a heavily live show oriented band.

Dj Set by The Big P.A. (of Bang the Drum)

Doors: 7.30pm // Show: 8.00pm
Age: 21+
Tickets: $12 adv.
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