New York Communion September 2012

New York Communion September 2012 Gig PosterThursday, 6th September 2012 at Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY

The Peach Kings
The Peach Kings draw their sound and inspiration from the smoky smooth crackle of blues, folk, and soul vinyls as well as the hypodermic tones synthesized in various beat laboratories across the globe. Stripped down, The Peach Kings’ power is derived from Paige’s hauntingly sensual vocals combine with Steven’s complementary rhythm and picking. Anything else is just jam on the pancakes; an edible blues concoction.

Morgan O’Kane
Every so often, just when you think the well is dry and the tradition is dead, you are gratefully reminded that there is still water down there and that the tradition was only sleeping.Morgan O’Kane from Charlottesville, Virginia is one of those reminders. A virtuoso banjo player, shouter and activist now based in New York City, He tours with an amalgam of virtuosic musicians including; New York City’s Dobro genius, Zeke Healy – New Orleans based, Leyla McCalla on Cello, and Ferd Moyse the IV on fiddle (of the Hackensaw Boys) amongst others. He has been in NY for seven years or so, released his first album in 2010 and is about to release his second one, Pendulum. While Morgan O’Kane clearly knows his way around the old tunes, he is more interested in creating his own. That’s how the tradition survives – new songs being created on old foundations.

Mia Sparrow
Three piece Dublin/New York based Mia Sparrow use guitars, drums, synth, omnichord and samples to make glitchy, fuzzy noise firmly rooted in melody. Since forming in June 2009 Paul, Ger and Caroline have toured in Ireland and the U.K and make their U.S debut with a set of shows in New York this September. Their debut album ‘[mee-uh-spar-oh]‘ was released in February 2012 on Flaming June Records. The album has been garnering great reviews since it’s release including a 4/5 star review in Irish publication Hotpress who described it as a ‘beguiling debut..not unlike Errors, the music is discordant and noisy, straightforward tunefulness sacrificed in favour of creating a multi-layered cacophony’ and ‘On this evidence, Mia Sparrow thoroughly deserve your close attention’.

Chris Pureka
“Introspective and deep, the landscape is akin to Neil Young’s Harvest” -The AllMusic Guide
Chris Pureka is a breath of fresh air in an age of fleeting success and temporary notions. She is an artist of substance, armed with a sharp eye for oft-missed details and an emotional intelligence that can switch from withering to compelling with a subtle inflection. On her third release, How I Learned To See In The Dark set to hit via Sad Rabbit Music /ADA on April 13, Pureka expands on her distinct and beautiful melodies exploring broader musical soundscapes all the while maintaining the stunning vocals and distinct guitar work she is known for.

While maintaining the unique alchemy of longing, loss and hope this virtuoso sets to music, there is a sonic adventurism on How I Learned to See in the Dark that marks a new stage in Pureka’s musical evolution. This record boasts a newfound edginess, coupled with a more abstract sound and a musical depth and complexity that shines through each track, all the while maintaining the space and creative instrumentation Pureka is known for.

Aaron Short
When performing as part of a duo, trio or quartet, Short knows that there is no substitute for going out and paying one’s dues, and that accounts for his tremendous work ethic, one where he’s played five nights a week to audiences all over Europe, taught music and worked with some of the best musicians in London.
Aaron has completed his debut album, recording with Ian Grimble, who has worked with Manic Street Preachers and Bernard Butler. The songs he’s written and recorded thus far represent another breakthrough for Short. With each show, he has a clear intent: “I want someone to listen to my music and have it cause the same effect that the artists I love have had on me, and I want my audience to say, ‘I get him – I’m pleased that someone has been through what I’ve been through.’” And whether through his new music, or through his shows, Aaron Short continues to prove that he’s a singer, songwriter and performer who belongs in that rarified echelon.

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Doors: 7.30pm // Show: 8.00pm

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