New York Communion July 2012

New York Communion July 2012 Gig PosterWednesday, 11th July 2012 at Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY

Holly and Jess have had a relationship filled with coincidences. Their lives are uniquely in sync. “When we were ready to make our record we felt it was imperative that the recording reflect that synergy. None of us were concerned with trying to sound like ‘a band’, we just wanted to create a unique environment for each song to sit in.” Much of their record is about these unique experiences, told from the same perspective, at the same time, with the same sentiment. Two voices as one.

Lucius has been described by the New York Times as “The next Feist” having “luscious, luminous, lilting lullabies”, by Seventeen Magazine as “alluring and magnetic” and their song “Don’t Just Sit There” is currently being played on NPR’s All Songs Considered. Their self-titled EP, produced by Tony Berg (Phantom Planet, Aimee Mann, Beck), bandmate, Dan Molad (Elizabeth & The Catapult, Luke Temple/Here We Go Magic) & Steve Wall, is an exciting debut.
“Don’t Just Sit There” -

Seasick Mama
Seasick Mama is a musician and emergent creative trendsetter based out of Brooklyn, NY. She is multifaceted artists who’s talents range anywhere from curating popular gallery events to photography. Her work has appeared recurrently in Esquire Magazine, Black Book, The Standard NYC as well as various popular creative blogs.
With a burgeoning presence in social media that over 6,000 people follow on the daily, Seasick Mama has created an online lens to share and showcase her latest artistic endeavors. She is the brains behind the House of Creatives, a collaborative destination for creative professionals, artists and musicians.
After launching her solo music project 2009, Seasick Mama’s debut single and music video for the Tom Waits cover “Going Out West” received the audience choice award at the Brooklyn Shorts Festival, after which she was quickly snatched by the New York City based label No Shame. Her new EP “Dead Like Money” is due to release early in 2012.

Faces on Film
While not exactly a concept record, each song is a piece of the trip ― the travel and the motion, the stops along the way, the people, the loss, the gain, and the final destination. Each track seamlessly sliding into the next, much like the dreams they were constructed from. Opening with “Knot in the Vine,” Faces on Film introduces us to his musical journey with a bouncy bass line, shakers, and short stabs of echoey guitar before his hazy, soaring vocals kick in and transport us to a bygone era as he sings: “But I feel no memory of you/Showin’ in the eye of mine/Knowin’ it’s an aim to lose/You’re growin’ the knot in the vine.” Album stand out, “Harlem Roses,” begins with a saloon-esque piano and Fiore’s faraway voice before other instruments – a rumbling bass, a keyboard line, whistling, a tambourine, a Wurlitzer – creep in here and there, adding weight and dimension but never distracting or taking away from the plaintive melody. Other highlights include the sleigh bell-laden “Great Move North,” the acoustic “Under Newry,” the old-world Italian sound of “Bride” and the country waltz of “Fire and Fume. rounding out an LP that has received comparisons to My Morning Jacket, Band of Horses, Iron and Wine and Fleet Foxes, and was called “striking” by longtime supporters The Boston Globe. “But it’s not mere atmosphere or embellishment — or Fiore’s mesmeric echo of a voice — that makes ‘Some Weather’ so thoroughly arresting. It’s the sustained sense of otherworldly place and space, conjoined with melodies that arc and bend and soar to the sky — and then seem to billow beyond it,” they exclaimed.
“Manitoba” -

David Doobinin
“Hummingbird” -

Howth began as two roommates experimenting in minimal ambient folk music and has since become a collection of five friends with so much vibe you would think they had been playing together for the last decade of their twenty-something lives. And in fact, some of them have been. Shortly after returning from Palestine where he had been teaching children the joys of music, lead guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Blake Luley again met up with songwriter Carl Creighton in his home state of Minnesota. By way of a mini tour, Luley and Creighton returned to New York City and began to look for like minded musicians to help expand the sound they had developed together.

Despite living in the capital of cool known as Brooklyn, the search for what would become the rest of Howth ultimately ended with two of New Jersey native Luley’s high school band mates, Neil Acharya (bass, vocals, saxophone) and Miles Waltuck (drums), and Luley’s girlfriend, Aviva Stampfer (vocals, keyboard), herself a transplant from Portland. The years of rapport between these individuals is immediately apparent and has become a hallmark of the music they create, most recognizably in Howth’s debut as a quintet, Newkirk. Recorded in Waltuck’s basement and slated for release in May 2012 by Mecca Lecca Recording Company, Newkirk retains the intimate songwriting of Creighton while capturing five talented musicians having the time of their lives with their closest friends.
“Needles and Pins” -

DJ Set by – Sean Glass

Doors: 7:30pm – Show 8:00pm
Age: 21+
Tickets: $12
HAPPY HOUR – 5PM in the back area of Union Hall


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