Communion NYC 30th of January!!!

Communion New York City 30th January 2011We are SO excited to announce the second ever Communion NYC! Following the amazing launch on January 9 we just could not wait to get on with the next one. So, here it is on the 30th of January!

The lineup is amazing and we could not be more proud or honoured to welcome all of our talented guests.

Our launch was unbelievable but this show is going to be one for the books. Supporting our cause of bringing new and talented acts to the music lovers in NYC, we are ecstatic to announce the acts for Communion NYC, 30th of January:


Royal Bangs

“Our first discovery of Bonnaroo ’08, Royal Bangs hit my radar as a “why not?” late night suggestion, and now — though only one day in — rates as the best show I’ve yet to see. Led by the bearded force that is Ryan Schaefer, the quintet churned out their multi-tasking, multi-faceted blitz-pop tunes to a crowd predominantly seated in the grass in the Troo Music Lounge. But at the request of Schaefer, concertgoers rose to their feet and it was then the show hit full throttle” -

“Ambassadors deliver a refreshing sound with their eclectic use of keys, guitar, heavy drums, and synth. We especially love the catchy, tribal-like beats, solid vocals, and original melodies. The skillfully written songs make them stand out amongst the large pool of Brooklyn indie bands and their live show only reiterates that.” –

Laura Marling

Hailing all the way from Hampshire, England, we are elated to announce that Laura Marling will be gracing our humble stage. Number one on NME’s Cool List, this darling of the London Nu Folk scene is preparing to release her third album at the ripe, young age of 20. We are honored.

“With the poise of a seasoned veteran and the same natural ability displayed by her own heroes, Laura Marling has stumbled into music as gracefully as can be, and it’s proving to be quite a happy accident, indeed.” –

Sarah Jarosz


“She’s the product of Central Texas’ rich musical heritage and her own inborn talent. She is also the face of young musicians everywhere. Her triple threat is a marvelously mature alto, a prodigious mastery of clawhammer banjo and mandolin, and songwriting a woman of any age would be proud to claim. Later this month, she’ll attend the Grammy Awards thanks to her nomination for Best Country Instrumental Performance on Song Up in Her Head.” –

David Mayfield Parade

David Mayfield

“Grammy-nominated musician and producer David Mayfield is a force of nature on stage. His energy and out and out enthusiasm for performing music are evident at every show whether it’s with Cadillac Sky, The Avett Brothers, Jessica Lea Mayfield, and now his own band, The David Mayfield Parade. Mayfield’s songwriting “feels as classic as {his}…wardrobe” -Paste Magazine

Dawn Landes


“Her sweet vocals and country-ish musical tilt recall Cat Power, but with a fresh and affirming, rather than jaded, worldview” – Q Magazine

“Delicately adventurous. Young Girl leans towards a previously untapped rockist side, while a semi-freaky cover of Margo Guryan’s Love posits Landes as a muted banshee. She’s on plainer ground with Money In The Bank and Dance Area, feathery acoustic songs that shuffle and sway beautifully, though it’s the graceful cadence of Wandering Eye that steals the show.” -Uncut Magazine


Xaphoon Jones


“Xaphoon Jones has quickly made a name for himself. He remixes samples to create tracks that are invigoratingly new, fresh, and o’ so delectable.” –

Neon Gold


“Record Label of the year, 2010. Neon Gold was founded by Derek Davies and Lizzy Plappinger in late 2008. Their taste for emerging Talents brought them from Blogsters too well known twenty somethings in the Music Industry.”

Previous Releases: Passion Pit, Marina and the Diamonds, Your Twenties, Ellie Goulding and many more.

Dave Edwards


Born and raised NYC, Dave Edwards has come forth as a jack of all trades. Music producer, remixer, music consultant, and DJ, Edwards charted nearly a dozen remixes, several in the top 100 in 2010 alone. Recently featured in Hard Candy, D Squared, Dance Music Blog, and Skeet Beatz, we are excited to have him and you should be excited to see him!

January 18, 2011 under Gigs